We all have many roles that we play in life.
All these different roles tell the unique story of who we are as a person.
These experiences guide our lives and influence our goals in life.


Erik Christensen | 773 758-3364

For me, Erik Christensen, my work as a mental health professional has been guided by the roles I have lived. Some of the hats I have worn include husband, father, son, brother, friend, colleague, counselor, and therapist. Coming from a family that stresses communication, compassion, and virtue; finding myself immersed in the field of Social Work is no coincidence. I enjoy helping people move toward healthy change in their everyday lives. I especially cherish the opportunity to be of service to others, standing alongside both my father and brother. We are men that value the importance of family, healthy functioning, and enjoying the many wonders that life has to offer.

I had the privilege of obtaining my education at Dominican University in the Graduate School of Work. I have served different populations of people since 2003 in the field of social work. My main focus over the past five years has been assisting adolescents and their families. Some of the environments in which I have experience include the juvenile justice system, residential placements, and schools. Upon obtaining my clinical license in 2006 counseling individuals, families and groups have been my passion, dedication, and mission.

I am confident that our family can be of assistance to yours.

Lloyd Christensen | 773 758-9242

I am Lloyd Christensen; my rewarding roles have ranged from being a lover/husband to my wife to being a dad/parent to our sons. Besides all the roles my sons have had, I proudly wear my newest hats of being a favorite father-in-law and a papa. I have also been known to enjoy the role of being the Tooth Fairy, Peter Rabbit, and Santa Claus. I am not sure which role I enjoy the most.

Throughout my own life, I have truly enjoyed teaching others to fish rather than fishing for them. I have cherished listening to others’ troubles as we journey together to the riverbank. I am just as much enthused, as I treasure being a part of their accomplishment as they tell their own fish story.

My undergraduate degree is in Pastoral Ministry and Religious Studies. I am a licensed social worker with my Master’s degree from Dominican University. My ministerial, counseling and life coaching roles have ranged from assisting engaged and married couples and their families to working with youth as they address their issues. In addition, I have worked with clients struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.

Even though I may be the most senior family member of our firm; I am an equal partner in our families’ desire to assist you and your family. All of us must walk our own journeys through life. At times we realize we must “Change the Journey”. Let us walk with you as you discover your new path, even if we are to go a short distance, our family will be at your side.

Brandon Christensen

For me, Brandon Christensen, my mental health professional career has been guided by the roles, I too have lived. The hats I wear include son, brother, uncle, friend, colleague, student, confidant,coach, counselor and therapist. Resently, I have had the joy of adding the role of husband and now daddy.The combinations of these many roles tell a unique story of how I became to be the person I am today.

My journey has blended studies in Psychology and Sociology at Concordia University along with my graduate studies in Social Work at Dominican University. I have been working in the field of Social Work performing both individual and group counseling. My focus has been on working primarily with adolescents in the fields of school counseling and substance abuse. My passion is working with those adolescents in both an individual or group setting. I thoroughly enjoy working with the next generation to assist them in their decisions making. My own family worked diligently to have open, loving and honest communication and planning their journey.

Working alongside my dad and brother is an honor for me. I know that our family is competent, ready and willing to assist you and your family.